Bridge Design

Quincy Engineering’s project managers and staff have extensive experience with nearly every type of bridge project. We have designed new bridges, bridge widenings and other bridge modifications, as well as rehabilitation of existing bridges. Over the last five years, we have designed or checked over 200 bridge and transportation structures in California and Oregon. These structures have crossed over freeways, highways, local roads, rivers, creeks, floodplains, and railroads. We have certified bridge inspectors to assess the condition of bridges, as well as capabilities to determine bridges’ load carrying capacity. In addition to our design capabilities, we also provide services for:

  • Bridge Maintenance Inspection & Repairs
  • Historic Bridge Rehabilitation
  • Certified Bridge Inspection
  • Bridge Load Rating
  • Bridge Scour Plans of Action
  • Bridge Preventive Maintenance Program (BPMP)

Key Staff

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Our clients include:
  • Caltrans
  • ODOT
  • Federal Highway Administration
  • Central Federal Lands
  • Oregon’s OTIA III Bridge Program
  • ...and many cities and counties throughout California and Oregon.
Celebrating 25 years

It all started on March 10, 1992, when some colleagues decided to re-engineer the concept of engineering firms. Quincy Engineering was born out of a strong desire to do the right thing for clients and design the highest quality, safest bridges and roads. Fast forward 25 years, and we’ve expanded our services and designed and delivered hundreds of projects throughout California, Oregon and Nevada.