I-5: North Ashland Interchange Bridge Replacement

Key Facts:

  • DAP Report completed May 2009
  • PS&E completed February 2010

Key Staff:

Project Manager: Karen Tatman
Bridge Project Engineer: Jeff Olson
Roadway Project Engineer: Russ Norton


Oregon Bridge Delivery Partners / Oregon Department of Transportation

This project replaces a bridge within Oregon’s OTIA III Bridge Program and provides interchange area operational and safety improvements including:

  • Widening and realigning Valley View Road to provide turning lanes at the interchange ramp intersections
  • Replacing the Valley View Road bridge over I-5
  • Adding aesthetic treatments to the interchange area
  • Widening freeway ramps to add turn lanes
  • Replacing interchange landscaping

Services Provided

Quincy Engineering, Inc. provided project management, roadway and structure design for this project that widens Valley View Road and the freeway ramps to provide for turning lanes at the ramp intersections. Valley View Road is being raised to improve vertical clearance over I-5. The Quincy Engineering, Inc. team studied new roadway alignment alternatives to replace the bridge while keeping the existing bridge open during construction, and prepared a Design Acceptance Package (DAP) Report, completed PS&E, and provided Bid Support. The project also included an extensive public outreach program with individual business owners in the vicinity of the interchange to review how the project and the interchange access changes would affect their businesses during construction.


Quincy Engineering, Inc. presented this project, along with the lessons learned from the construction of the Valley View Road bridge at the 2011 ODOT Bridge Design Conference. You can view the PDF of slides.

Current Status

Quincy Engineering, Inc. is currently providing Construction Support services while ODOT is performing Construction Administration and Inspection.

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