I-580/680 Direct Connector Project

Key Facts

  • $55 Million - Construction Cost
  • Agency: Alameda County Transportation Commission (formerly ACTA)
  • Location: Cities of Dublin and Pleasanton
  • Market: State Highway System

Key Staff

  • Thomas M. Wintch, Project Manager
  • Larry Taylor, Design Engineer


Alameda County Transportation Commission (formerly ACTA)

While with another firm, key TiG Personnel were responsible for the project management and design of the 580/680 Direct Connector project in the 1990’s. This project is one of the largest and most complex transportation improvement projects to be constructed in the San Francisco Bay Area. The 2-lane south-to-east connector from I-680 to I-580 involved the design of three new access ramps to and from I-680 in the City of Dublin and the upgrading of two existing direct connector ramps from one lane to two lanes. Design challenges included the addressing of environmentally sensitive wetlands, air quality analyses and traffic safety issues. Through value engineering and the exploration of fundable options, the design team was able to save the Alameda County Transportation Authority $15 million.

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