State Route 246 / Alamo Pintado Road

Key Facts:

  • Approved Project Study Report
  • Multi-lane roundabout or Signalized Intersections Alternatives
Structural Design:
  • Widening of existing Cast-In-Place Concrete Slab
  • Project Study Report
  • Soil Nail Wall
  • Key Staff:

    Project Manager: Brent Lemon, P.E.


    City of Solvang

SR 246/Alamo Pintado Road traffic operational improvement project is located on SR 246 between US 101 and SR 154 in Santa Barbara County within the City of Solvang.  The existing intersection experiences recurrent congestion during peak traffic flows.  Vehicle queuing develops during the A.M. and P.M. peak hour commute, at mid-day, and in the early afternoon periods when the Santa Ynez High School is let out.

It is proposed to improve traffic operations of the existing intersection by widening the roadway, using a roundabout or signals as a traffic control treatment at the intersection, and widening the Alamo Pintado Road Bridge.  Three build alternatives ranging in cost from $6,410,000 to $10,770,000 and a no build alternative have been considered.

Project Elements

  • Widen existing SR 246 to provide an additional through lane in each direction;
  • Storm drainage system modifications, installation of storm water treatment system prior to discharge into Alamo Pintado Creek;
  • Channel improvements in Alamo Pintado Creek in the vicinity of Alamo Pintado Creek Bridge;
  • 1600 feet of retaining walls (eight separate walls) , including a 600 foot long soil nail wall;
  • Signal and lighting modifications;
  • Aesthetic treatments to retaining walls;
  • Right of way engineering, preparation of plats and legal descriptions;


  • Caltrans approved Roundabout Report of Conceptual Approval February 2007.
  • Caltrans approved Storm Water Data Report.
  • Caltrans approved Project Study Report October 2009.
  • Caltrans Cooperative Agreement for Environmental and Design Phases approved.


The project is currently in the environmental approval phase and Quincy Engineering, Inc. is managing the development of the environmental document and project report.  A CEQA document will be prepared for the project with Caltrans as the CEQA lead agency.  All environmental technical studies, draft and final environmental document; are under Caltrans oversight and approval.


The project is receiving funds through the Santa Barbara County Tax Measure A and other local funds.

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