State Route 25 / Hollister Bypass

Key Facts:

Construction Management:
  • New alignment of State Route 25
  • Lime stabilization of roadbed
  • Major drainage structures
  • Sound walls
  • Key Staff:

    Construction Manager: Steve Mellon, P.E.
    Resident Engineer: Kerry Theran, P.E.
    Inspectors: Michael Knight, P.E. Lindsay Juarez, P.E. Ramon Montes De Oca, P.E. Brett Karnes, P.E.


    San Benito Council of Governments

Quincy Engineering, Inc. provided  construction administration and inspection services for this $25 million construction project to construct a bypass around the central business district of Hollister to relieve traffic congestion. The project rerouted Highway 25 east of the City through a combination of reconstructing and widening existing roadways and adding new roadway segments. Prior to construction, Quincy Engineering, Inc. also provided constructibility review for the project during the Project Development phase.

As part of constructing the new roadway, some of the significant construction elements included major drainage structures, lime treatment to stabilize the roadbed, and soundwalls all along the route.  In addition to the physical construction of the bypass, other project issues included permit compliance, Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plans, Caltrans oversight, and public outreach to ensure the public was apprised of progress on the project and of any temporary impacts to traffic during construction.  Caltrans ultimately took over this bypass as Route 25 and relinquished the old route to the City of Hollister.

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