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Brent Lemon, PE, PMP

Vice President | California Transportation Chief Engineer

Education: California State University, Fresno | MS, Civil Engineering – 1989
California State University, Fresno | BS, Civil Engineering – 1986

Registrations: Professional Civil Engineer | California #46715,
Oregon #76927PE, Idaho #P-20138, Utah #12258753-2202

Project Management Institute - PMP Cert # 2022265


With over 34 years of experience, Brent began his career in with Caltrans District 6 in Fresno. During his 18 years with Caltrans, Brent has been a Staff Engineer, Project Engineer, Design Engineer, Geometric Reviewer, Design Manager and Capital Delivery Manager while delivering projects statewide. He has managed large freeway/interchange projects and corridor studies. He has led numerous design teams in the development of Project Study Reports, Project Reports, and PS&Es.

While at Caltrans District 3, Brent was a Design Office manager for more than 5 years with direct responsibility for 230 staff dedicated to the development of capital project. He had 20 direct reports that were functioning as first line supervisors over groups between 10-20 people. He was responsible for creating and managing budgets on an annual basis. Budgeting consisted of staffing plans, establishing consultant budgets and procurement of consultants to augment delivery staff, creating project work plans and managing to the overall portfolio budget. 

Brent also managed the Project Management Support Unit (PMSU) for the entire North Region Capital Program (Districts 1, 2 and 3). The PMSU provided direct support to project managers in scheduling and resource estimating/tracking. The PMSU was responsible for developing the status of projects document and leading status meetings in District’s 1, 2 and 3. As the manager of this unit he adopted a customer service philosophy in support of project delivery functional units and worked hand in hand with each project manager to assist them in successful delivery of their projects.

As a Supervising Transportation Engineer over the PMSU he also managed consultant procurement for the entire North Region. He developed a multi-year forecast of workload to establish target discipline staffing augmentation needs and worked directly with HQ procurement on solicitation of contracts and consultant selection. In addition to consultant staff augmentation he was directly involved in developing functional unit work load and collaborated with the SFPs of each district to obtain consensus on cross allocations to each of the three districts over all capital support divisions.

"I enjoy the challenges of project delivery and leading our team in collaboration with our clients and community stakeholders. It is always a great feeling to be a part of delivering projects that meet the needs of our communities. "

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