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In the Construction Zone

May 29, 2018

As part of the Deer Lake Ranch development projects, Quincy provided PS&E design and is currently providing construction support of the Canoga Avenue Bridge and Poema Place Bridge.


The Canoga Avenue Bridge is a 155-foot-long, two-span bridge that consists of precast, prestressed California Wide Flange Girder concrete bridge over Devils Canyon Creek. The Canoga Bridge contains a horse trail tunnel as part of a longer multi-purpose recreational trail.


The Poema Place Bridge is a 473-foot-long, three-span, built-up, variable depth steel I-girder bridge over Devils Canyon Creek. The bridge is founded on spread footings at the abutments and 7-foot diameter Cast-in-Drilled-hole piles at the 80-foot tall piers. At more than 100 feet above the canyon, Poema Bridge provides a scenic view to the planned residential homes and its recreational trail system that connects to the regional trail network in the Santa Susana Mountains. The trails will provide opportunities for walking, exercising, hiking and horseback riding in a natural setting with mountain and valley views.


Recently we shared a great video of the girders going up on the Poema Place Bridge. Now check out this video from One Four Shutter that shows construction of both the Canoga and Poema Bridges in Southern California. Enjoy!

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