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California Regional Manager

Education: California State University, Chico | B.S. Civil Engineering - 1998

Registrations: Professional Civil Engineer | California #62458, Oregon #76746

With 22 years of experience, Jason Jurrens has been responsible for the PS&E and construction support for both roadway and bridge projects throughout California. As a Project Manager and Project Engineer, he is experienced in project programming, planning studies, roadway geometric designs, construction staging, and drainage plans for transportation projects. Of particular note, is his expertise in the Caltrans utility relocation process.


Jason has been the Roadway Project Engineer on several urban interchanges and was responsible for managing a team of up to 15 people to deliver the projects under tight deadlines. He also has experience as a Structure Representative and Resident Engineer and is an expert at administering Federal-Aid construction projects. Jason has also served as a County Project Manager and is experienced in Pavement Management Systems, development plan reviews, and developing improvement standards.


"From building strong relationships and getting to know the intricacies of communities to finding solutions to the challenges in each project, I really enjoy working with our clients to make their visions a reality."

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