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Education: University of California, Davis | B.S. Civil Engineering – 1983
Registrations: Professional Civil Engineer | California #42728, Oregon #74544, Washington #47494

Jeff brings over 37 years of bridge seismic retrofit and bridge design experience in Oregon and California. He has been involved in the ODOT Seismic Retrofit program since it began in earnest in 2012. He has been the lead bridge engineer for the assessment, retrofit strategy development and PS&E for over 30 bridges in Oregon, including some of the most complex bridges located in areas with the most challenging geologic hazards, including liquefaction, lateral spreading and slope instability. Jeff has lead teams of engineers from multiple consulting firms to deliver on numerous projects. He has also prepared or managed the Feasibility Studies, TS&L Reports, DAP, and Seismic Retrofit Strategy Reports for each. Jeff has then presented these to outside interest groups to inform and gain approval for his projects. He has also completed the planning and design for several long structures over rivers, highways and other features that required the evaluation of multiple structure types and configurations to identify the appropriate structure.

Earlier in his career, Jeff was employed at Caltrans Division of Structures where he was the Prestressed Concrete Committee Chairman and a committee member of the Steel Bridge Committee. His responsibilities included establishing statewide policies and guidelines for the design and construction of prestressed concrete and steel bridges in California.

"I grew up with a hammer in my hand and have been building things for as long as I can remember. Thanks to my parents, I was programmed to be an engineer long before I ever knew what one was. The more I learn, the more it seems so few people in the world like what they do, so I consider myself truly lucky to love being an engineer."

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