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Murrysmith + Quincy Engineering is excited to announce our recent partnership with CONSOR Engineers. Together, our 1,200+ professionals will provide a range of planning, design, structural assessment, and construction services for transportation, water, and wastewater infrastructure projects across more than 60 locations in the United States.


2020 threw us challenges we never could have anticipated, but thanks to our incredible team, whose dedication to our clients and the wellbeing of our fellow colleagues never wavered, we were able to keep moving in the right direction. As a result, we are starting 2021 off with an exciting transition—as of January 1, Murraysmith + Quincy has joined CONSOR Engineers to lead and establish the firm’s western presence.


While its legacy dates back to 1985, the CONSOR brand was officially launched in 2018 when four engineering firms came together as one. The idea was to unite industry leaders across the country to assemble a national transportation and water engineering firm that could operate as both an entrepreneurially minded and employee-first firm. CONSOR’s expansion has rippled out from the South, with partnerships in Arizona and Florida, and more recently in Colorado.


Since 1980, when Hal Murray and Phil Smith founded Murraysmith, we have been committed to building long-lasting and genuine relationships with clients and our communities around the Pacific Northwest. For the past 40 years, we’ve worked alongside staff and community members in towns and cities, districts, and counties. We’ve set down roots and built relationships over hundreds of projects, and we aren’t going anywhere. Instead, with our recent growth—the addition of four firms, growing our staff from 80 to 330—as well as our expansion across Oregon, Washington, California, Idaho, and Colorado—we’re in a great position to serve as CONSOR’s foundation in the western United States. We’ll provide our clients with the same local service, just under a new name.


“With very little geographic overlap, this partnership is about growth and bringing new possibilities to our team and the clients we serve, as well as advancing our technical capabilities by giving us access to nationwide expertise” says Rayasam, who will eventually step into the role of Chief Operating Officer at CONSOR. “We’re still located in the communities we serve and remain committed to our clients in the West with the same trusted service we provide them now. We know our clients value local staff who genuinely understand and care about their communities—joining CONSOR allows us to grow without compromising the relationships we have with our clients.” Rayasam and the Murraysmith leadership team were advised by AEC Advisors, LLC on the agreement.


To that end, Murraysmith + Quincy will maintain their 18 respective locations around the West, continuing to provide clients with a dedicated, local presence. We are committed to continued partnerships with local subconsultants to design and engineer the same critical infrastructure projects we’ve been known for—from roadways and bridges to reservoirs, pipelines, and water and wastewater treatment facilities.


Sandeep Patil, CEO of CONSOR, describes their partnership process as a system of collaboration and support. “We connect discipline leads across the country to share resources, combine resumes, create a peer network, and build camaraderie. It’s the best of both worlds to pair up that local autonomy and experience with that national support system.”


With a shared vision of strategic growth and autonomy, a commitment to developing and investing in staff, and an unrelenting focus on client service, the partnership provides us with a resilient and diversified platform from which to navigate the ever-changing market moving forward.

January 11, 2021

Murraysmith + Quincy Joins CONSOR

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