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Quincy Engineering Welcomes

Russ Moore

to the Team


October 16, 2019

Quincy Engineering is pleased to welcome Russ Moore, our new Bay Area Transportation Group Manager, to our Walnut Creek/Bay Area team!

With 35 years of experience in the public works industry, Russ has seen the completion of over 650 civil infrastructure projects, including highway, bridge, rail, street, storm drain, water, sewer, parks, and site engineering.

Russ has held a variety of positions throughout his career, including project engineer, resident engineer, project manager, project director, and principal-in-charge.

In leadership roles, he supervised groups of up to 20 staff across three offices to ensure projects were delivered efficiently and built with high-quality standards. As project director/project manager, Russ honed his public relations and team building skills, working with an array of stakeholders, public and regulatory agencies, business owners, citizens, and contractors to build consensus for successful project delivery.


Because of his direct and varied experience on complex transportation projects, Russ has also served on a contract basis in public works leadership roles as an interim director of public works, city engineer, interim city engineer, interim maintenance director, capital improvement project manager, and BART permit engineer. His reputation for effectiveness in these assignments has led to positions for six cities in the Bay Area.


Welcome, Russ!

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