September 5, 2019

River Grove 3 1200.jpg
River Grove 4 1200.jpg

The rehabilitation of the River Grove Drive at Estrella River Bridge in San Luis Obispo County in California is in full swing. Originally scoped as a bridge replacement project, Quincy Engineering worked with the County, Caltrans, and the California State Historic Preservation Officer (SHPO) to add this historically unique bridge constructed in 1910 to the National Register of Historic Places. As a result, the project was re-scoped as a rehabilitation of this historically eligible truss. The rehabilitation consists of a full deck replacement, complete abutment reconstruction, and truss retrofits. Also included is a complete repainting of the steel truss after removing all the existing lead paint without causing an adverse effect to this historic resource. The overall load rating for this structure will be increased by reconstructing the deck system allowing for heavier vehicles to cross this bridge.

In the first phase of this construction project, the existing concrete deck was sawed into 3.5-foot by 15.3-foot sections.

These sections, weighing over 8,000 pounds each, were lifted off and recycled.

After the deck was completely removed, the truss was lifted by two cranes and placed adjacent to the project site so that existing abutments could be completely demolished, removed, and then replaced with a modern and more robust foundation. The truss in its temporary location will have the existing lead paint removed, contained, and hauled off for disposal. The truss will then be retrofitted and repainted. Once this work is complete, the truss will be placed back in its original position with a new concrete deck and safety barriers added.

All the work within the Estrella River should be completed by the end of October and the approach roadways and utility relocation will be completed by December of 2019.

San Luis Obispo County, CA