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September 11, 2017

At the end of April 2017, Governor Jerry Brown signed into law the new Senate Bill 1 dedicated to fixing California's ailing infrastructure. From potholes big enough to give cars flat tires to communities needing safer streets for cyclists and pedestrians, our streets, highways and transportation systems need to be improved. 


With SB1, $5.24 billion each year will be allocated to projects fixing these types of issues (but not limited to):

  • Safety projects

  • Road maintenance and rehabilitation

  • Complete streets (i.e., active transportation, bike/pedestrian, transit facilities, stormwater capture, and drainage projects

  • Railroad grade separations

Of that amount, $3 billion per year will go toward what's being called "Fix It First" projects - $1.5 billion for highway and $1.5 billion for local streets and roads. 


Cities and counties have been asked to prioritize basic maintenance and safety projects first since they are most critical to their communities served. By mid-October, local agencies must submit a list of their proposed projects for the following fiscal year. 


At Quincy, we're committed to helping our local agencies improve the safety of our roads and highways, as well as meet the needs of our growing communities.


For more information on Senate Bill 1, check out these helpful websites: 

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